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Lviv - Capital of Festivals

Lviv is an extremely attractive tourist area of Ukraine. It is a city of magnificent architectural landmarks: impressive temples and ancient squares, cozy narrow streets, museums and galleries housing artistic masterpieces of different historical epochs.

Carefully preserving the historical heritage, citizens of Lviv always try to demonstrate their keeping-with-the-times. It was in Lviv where traditional celebration of the holidays has received the new format of various themed festivals.

The creative spirit of the carved in stones centuries’ mystery is as if invisibly breathing everywhere in Lviv. This city produces the majority of new art and modern culture trends in the country, as well as the ideas of various interesting entertainment. It’s no wonder that 50 different festivals are listed on the Lviv Calendar of Events for 2011.

According to the old beliefs, every uttered, written or otherwise manifested number has its magic power. Number ”5” symbolizes strong energy, enthusiasm, discovery of new phenomena, progress, risk and passion for the unusual. Number ”0” symbolizes trust, stability, confidence and the ability to implement ideas with an open heart.

The symbolic digits of 50 Lviv festivals presuppose the combination of traditional artistic events and the initiation of new ones, thus creating a magic ornament of the Festival Lviv where you’re sure to find a vast array of different events to suit all tastes.

There’s so much happening in Lviv all year round. Whether you visit Lviv in the spring, summer, autumn or winter you will feel the atmosphere of a holiday!

Enjoy your visit to the Festival Capital of Ukraine!

Here are our top highlights to help you plan your Lviv trip diary!